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Training our Staff to High Standards

APTO Connect believes that well-trained customer service representatives are important to our success. That’s why our comprehensive in-house training programs are led by experienced trainers who know our business and our high standards.

At APTO Connect, our trainers understand our operations and how we deliver on our clients’ expectations. Here’s how.

  • Our trainers come with extensive industry experience, and they know how to teach and train new recruits.
  • Our customer service representatives are fully trained on both APTO Connect’s and our client-based software applications.
  • Our customer services representatives manage calls based on each client’s preferred methods and policies. They learn what’s needed to communicate effectively about products and services, and feel comfortable in addressing callers’ questions and concerns.
  • Our rigorous mentoring program enables new recruits to work closely with a coach or mentor as they learn and gain confidence. The transition from learning to implementing is smooth and ensures our customer service representatives are fully comfortable and at ease with their role.
  • Our ongoing coaching and training sessions keep our processes and strategies current and relevant.

Talk to any of our customers about our training. They’ll tell you about APTO Connect’s high standards and how it’s simply the way we do business every day.


None of our representatives are put on a live call until they have been trained, assessed and deemed ready to serve our clients to the highest standards.

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